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Steve Schmollinger / Railroad Photographer Extraordinaire

Steve Schmollinger contributes to this site in the form of his timeless, artistically framed photos of Railroading. He has been at it for some time and it shows. He has an artists eye for composition, and the setting often includes a unique perspective which includes a blending of the beauty of nature with that of steel rails and "Iron Horses." He is also an author and has books featuring his work such as "Desert Railroading"

and "Images of Western Railroading."

Any true lover of Trains will have at least one of his books in their library. I don't need to say a lot about him because his photos adequately speak to his talent and love for Photography and Railroading. I would suggest that anyone that has not yet added one of his books to their collection do so, ( Amazon ) you won't regret it. In my humble opinion he ranks at the top.


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Anonymous said...

Looking for schedule of Santa Fe through Kansas 1928. Especially from Dodge City to Coolige, KS through Kendall, Sincerely, Joe